RaksLatino consists of three of America’s top Latin-American Belly Dancers. Their mission is to promote the history, beauty, and artistry of Middle Eastern dance to the world while adding a special touch of their Latin style and heritage. Each dancer is well versed in the art of Middle Eastern dance and brings to the project their own cultural background and influence.

Honoring the traditions of this ancient art form while incorporating a uniquely Latin fusion element, RaksLatino is bringing to the dance world the best of many traditions: Egyptian, Tribal Fusion, Improvisational Tribal Style, Spanish Gypsy, Modern Fusion, Brazilian, Caribbean, and Latin Fusion style dances.

RaksLatino offers a full-range of day-long to week-long workshop packages to suit every dancer’s taste. All the instructors speak English, as well as Spanish, and can teach classes on their own or in pairs.


Registration for the second annual Raks Latino Houston Workshop weekend is opening on Monday,
September 10th! Get ready for a full weekend of workshops and performances that will set your pants
on fuego! From Salsa to Sword, Egyptian Folkdance and more, Raks Latino is preparing a unique dance
experience for you! Click on the Workshops page to register and reserve your spot today!